Momokai University

Hello! Welcome to Momokai University. Below are a series of tips and tricks on helping you get the most out of your new macropad.

Please note that these guides will not work on Sim Pads.

Please feel free to join our Discord to get additional help from our community members!

Tap Trio Basics

How to set up your Tap Trio

Tap Trio can be configured through VIA. Learn how to change key binds and lighting modes with this tutorial.

How to create macros

Streamline your workflow with macros. Learn how to set up simple and complex macros.

How to swap switches

Learn how to safely remove and replace the switches on your Tap Trio.

One Press Login

Type out your password with one press of your Tap Trio. Learn how to set up one press login using macros!

See how we like to use our Tap Trios!

Media Controls

Start a playlist, change volume, skip a song, all the ways to start jamming.

Opening applications

Quickly open frequently used applications with keyboard shortcuts.

Windows Desktop Macros

Open finder, snap window left/right, show desktop, maximize window, open task manager. See our favorite desktop shortcuts!

Need more help?

Looking for technical help or experiencing issues with your device? Visit the Tap Trio/Duo troubleshooting guide for frequently asked questions and answers or contact us.