Cherry/Gateron/Kailh Switch Pack


Get a set of ALL the switches we offer from the 3 manufacturers

2 or 3 switches of every color so you can test out all the switches on your keypad!

Save up to 10% when purchasing a switch pack


Every pack comes with switches of each color!


Cherry Pack:

Cherry MX Red

Cherry MX Blue

Cherry MX Brown

Cherry MX Black

Cherry MX Silent Red

Cherry MX Silver


Gateron Pack:

Gateron White

Gateron Red

Gateron Brown

Gateron Black

Gateron Blue

Gateron Green

Gateron Yellow


Kailh Box Pack:

Kailh Box Black

Kailh Box Red

Kailh Box White

Kailh Box Brown

Kailh Box Navy

Kailh Box Jade


Gateron Ink Pack:

Gateron Ink Black

Gateron Ink Blue

Gateron Ink Red

Gateron Ink Yellow


Gateron Pro Pack:

Gateron Pro Red (Pre-lubed)

Gateron Pro Yellow (Pre-lubed)

Gateron Pro Brown (Pre-lubed)