The All new


Six key macropad

Full aluminum unibody design with Aluminum knob

Hot-swappable MX compatibility

QMK/VIA Verified

Introducing Aurora

Aurora is a premium six key hot-swappable mechanical macropad. Using an all aluminum unibody design and an all aluminum knob.

Anodized Aluminum Unibody Case

Integrated plate design with a fully aluminum outer shell that adds weight and dampens sound.

The many ways to use a rotary knob

General Use
  • Volume Control
  • Horizontal Scroll
  • Alt-tab Switching
  • Page Up / Page Down
Code / Text Editing

  • Jump to next / previous word
  • Move cursor to next / previous character
  • Backspace and delete
  • Find Next / Find Previous
Photo Editing
  • Increase/decrease brush size
  • Increase/ decrease brush hardness
  • Adjust text size
  • Incremental Zoom
  • Rotate
Video Production
  • Move playhead
  • Adjust video/audio track height
  • Go to next/previous marker

Availability Status

Available for purchase now

This project is fully funded and it is not a group buy.

Please join our Discord to get updates on project status.


How much is the Aurora macropad?

The Aurora macropad is priced at $60 USD.

Can I order it with different switches?

In order to keep costs down and production quick, every Aurora macropad comes with Cherry MX Red switches included.

Aurora is hot-swappable so you can swap it out to any MX style switch.

Will other color options be available?

Currently, only Midnight is available on launch. It is possible that more color options are added in the future.

Is there a limited quantity available?

This is not a limited quantity product. However, if demand is higher than expected, there will be delivery delays.

Does it have south facing RGB LEDs?

Yes! There are 6 south facing RGB LEDs under the 6 keys. Lighting modes can be changed through VIA.

1 Year Limited Hardware Warranty

We stand by our hardware. If you have any issues within 1 year of purchase, let us know so we can help.

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Tech Specs

Need more information before deciding? Check out the technical specifications.

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