Downloads & Drivers

Below are instructions on getting the required drivers to access the full functionality of your new keypad. The drivers allow you to change macros and the onboard RGB lights.

Aurora/Tap Trio/Tap Duo Drivers

Aurora, Tap Trio, and Tap Duo are plug-and-play and do not require drivers to function. To change keybinds, lighting, and start setting macros, please go to VIA to start configurating or read the Get Started Guide to learn more.

Tap Trio V1.30 Firmware Update

Tap Trio V1.30 firmware adds programmable mouse support. Mouse movements, mouse clicks, and mouse wheel controls can be programmed on to the Tap Trio.

To update your Tap Trio, please visit the firmware update guide.

Sim Pad 2/Nano Drivers

Windows (Latest Ver. 0.165)

Extract with WinRAR and launch SimPad_Settings.exe

MacOs (Latest Ver. 0.163)

Open .dmg and drag SimPad_Settings into the Application folder.
*If you are unable to open the file due to security settings, navigate to System
Preferences>Security & Privacy>General and allow SimPad_Settings to open.