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We are so excited for you to get started with your new keypad. On this page, you can find device drivers, tutorials, and customization tips & tricks.

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Change keybinds and lighting with VIA

Drivers not required! Tap Trio and Tap Duo are plug-and-play. To change the keys and lighting, VIA is a simple and easy web based configuration tool. Visit the Basic Setup Guide to learn more!

How to swap switches

The keys on your Tap Trio or Tap Duo are hot-swappable and compatible with any MX style switch.

Please visit the Switch Swap Guide to learn how to safely remove and replace the switches on your Tap Trio.

Momokai University

Simple Macro Setup

Maximize productivity by setting up quick and intuitive macros! Learn how to set up a simple macro on the Tap Trio.

Login to your PC with one press

Did you know you can set up a key to log into your accounts? Windows login, email, or game accounts, anything is possible.

More ways to customize...

There are millions of ways to customize your Tap Trio, here are some other guides and tutorials:

How to set up media controls for your PC

How to open applications with macros

Useful Windows shortcut macros


Tap Trio/Duo Support FAQ

Hardware Issues

The Tap Trio/Duo lights up but the buttons don't work

If the macropad lights up but is unable to be detected by your computer, it means the macropad is receiving power but not data. This issue can be easily fixed by using the included USB Type C cable and plugging the macropad directly into a USB 3.0 data port on the computer. This issue usually comes up when users use 3rd party charging only USB Type C cables, USB hubs that do not support enough power to transfer data, or USB ports that are power transfer only.

Some USB ports on Asus motherboards do not send data, we recommend trying another USB port.

Some USB ports on the back of monitors require additional data transfer cables to be plugged in for data transmission. Please consult your monitor's user manual to see the necessary steps to make your monitor's USB ports capable for data transmission.

My Tap Trio/Tap Duo is not responsive

The chance of a Tap Trio/Tap Duo being DOA (Dead on Arrival) is incredibly slim. If you received a keypad that is not responsive, we recommend testing the following procedures:

- Tap Trio/Tap Duo do not work with some USB hubs. Some USB hubs do not output enough power for data transmission for the macropad to function properly. If your device lights up but isn't working, then the USB hub or port is not sending enough power to the device. We recommend using a USB hub that has supplementary power. If cable distance is an issue, we recommend purchasing a suitable USB-C data transfer cable.

- Test with another computer to see if it is an issue with the computer.

- If the device is still not responsive, please use another USB Type C cable to see if you have received a defective cable.

If these steps still doesn't fix the issue, please contact us immediately for further assistance.

The Tap Trio/Tap Duo is connected to the PC but no lights are on and the keys don't work

It is likely you have put your Tap Trio into bootloader mode. This happens if the left key is held down while the device is plugged in. To exit bootloader mode, just unplug and plug the device back in without holding down any buttons or keys.

The three quick action buttons are stuck...

Through use, dirt can lodge in the three small quick action buttons and make the buttons get stuck. We recommend unscrewing the casing and clean out any debris inside the device.

My keypad is experiencing double tapping

If you are experiencing double tapping or chattering, swap the switches back to the original Cherry MX Red switches that came with the Tap Trio. Then test to see if the switches are the reason for the double tapping issue. Tactile and clicky switches are more likely to cause chattering.

If swapping the switches does not work, check out the Double Tapping Repair Guide to see ways to repair the device.

After prolong use, the keypad will occasionally collect dust that affects the performance of the hot-swappable socket. We recommend using compressed air to clean the interior of the keypad. The Kailh hot-swappable sockets are rated for 100 swaps before they deteriorate. If cleaning out the keypad does not solve the double tapping issue, please contact us for PCB replacements.

My Tap Trio shows a red light and it does not register my inputs

The Tap Trio comes equipped with an automatic anti-static protection mode that deactivates the device when an excessive amount of static electricity is detected. This can occur when someone who is statically charged touches the metal frame of the Tap Trio, resulting in a red light.

To exit the anti-static protection mode, simply unplug the device and plug it back in. If the device still doesn't work, please contact us for further assistance.

Why is my Tap Trio different from someone elses?

Unlike other products that go through product cycles, we occasionally make hardware changes to improve reliability. Rather than announcing a new improved version, we add the improvements over time.

Rest assured, all promoted features are included no matter which version is purchased.


How do I configure my Tap Trio/Duo with QMK/VIA?

For advanced users, Tap Trio can be configured using QMK Configurator.

If you want to use the VIA desktop client to configure your Tap Trio, please click here.

How do I reset back to the factory setting?

To learn how to factory reset your device and flash the latest QMK firmware, click here.

How do I enter boot mode for QMK toolbox?

If you are flashing QMK keymaps on the Tap Trio through QMK Toolbox, you will need to enter boot mode on the Tap Trio.

To enter boot mode, unplug the Tap Trio, hold down the left key and plug the device back in. The LEDs on the Tap Trio should be red/deactivated to indicate boot mode. Then use QMK toolbox to flash the custom keymap.

To learn how to flash the latest Tap Trio QMK firmware, click here.

The VIA desktop client isn't starting up

If the VIA drivers are not starting up, it is due to an antivirus program or Windows Defender preventing the drivers to launch. We recommend launching the VIA application in administrator mode to resolve any issue.

Can I use Remap to configure the Tap Trio/Duo?

Yes! You can still use the Remap web client to configure the Tap Trio. However, Remap will no longer be updated for Tap Trios running firmware V1.30 and beyond.

Tap Duo does not have Remap support at this time.

Specs and Warranty

Tap Trio Specifications

What's in the box?

Keypad, 1.5m USB-C to A data cable, key switch puller, 2x sticky pads, instructions manual.

Physical Specifications:

Width: 78mm

Depth: 56.8mm

Height: 30mm

Weight: 70.7g

Cable Length: 1.5m

Materials Used:

Low-carbon aluminum & plastic

PBT Keycaps

Tap Trio/Duo 1 year limited hardware warranty

Tap Trio has a 180 days limited hardware warranty starting from the date of purchase.

For the full terms and conditions, please visit Warranty Information.

Are spare parts available for purchase?

Tap Trio replacement sticky pads and USB-C cables are available for purchase.

At this time, Tap Trio replacement PCBs are not yet available for purchase. Once we have streamlined the manufacturing process of the Tap Trio, we will offer replacement PCBs.

Replacement parts for Tap Duo is not available at this time.

Contact us

If you have any questions regarding your Tap Trio, please contact us at the link below!