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Tap Trio Basic Setup Guide

The Tap Trio should work right out of the box. To change the keys and lighting, we have partnered up with Remap to make that process simple and quick.

How to swap switches

The three keys on your Tap Trio are hot-swappable and are compatible with any MX style switch.

Please visit the Switch Swap Guide to learn how to safely remove and replace the switches on your Tap Trio.

Momokai University

Simple Macro Setup

Maximize productivity by setting up quick and intuitive macros! Learn how to set up a simple macro on the Tap Trio.

Login to your PC with the Tap Trio

Did you know you can set up the Tap Trio to log into your accounts? Windows login, email, or game accounts, anything is possible.

More ways to customize...

There are millions of ways to customize your Tap Trio, here are some other guides and tutorials:

How to setup the Tap Trio with VIA

How to set up media controls for your PC

How to open applications with macros

Useful Windows shortcut macros

Frequently Asked Questions

I have a technical/hardware issue with my Tap Trio

If you have a technical/hardware issue with your Tap Trio, please visit the Tap Trio troubleshooting guide.

What is the polling rate on the Tap Trio?

The Tap Trio runs at 1000hz polling rate.

1000hz polling rate is the fastest available polling rate through USB 2.0. For any device to reach higher than 1000hz polling rate, it would require substantially more complex hardware.

A recent update to QMK forced all QMK devices to run at 1000 Hz polling rate all the time. You do not need to program the Tap Trio to run at 1000 Hz.

Can I use my own USB Cable for the Tap Trio?

Yes! You should be able to use any USB-C 3.0/3.1 data transfer cable.

Some cables are not capable of data transfer so please make sure the third party cable has data transfer capability.

If you use a USB hub or monitor USB hub, it might affect the performance of the Tap Trio because most hubs do not send enough power to the Tap Trio for data transmission. We recommend only using USB hubs with external power supplies.

Do I need to install drivers to use the Tap Trio?

Nope! The Tap Trio is plug-and-play with a default keymap. Changing keybinds and lighting can be done through Remap. Please visit the Tap Trio Setup Guide to learn how to configure your Tap Trio with Remap.

How do I configure my Tap Trio with QMK/VIA?

For advanced users, Tap Trio can be configured using QMK Configurator.

If you want to use the VIA desktop client to configure your Tap Trio, please click here.

How do I enter boot mode for QMK toolbox?

If you are flashing QMK keymaps on the Tap Trio through QMK Toolbox, you will need to enter boot mode on the Tap Trio.

To enter boot mode, unplug the Tap Trio, hold down the left key and plug the device back in. The LEDs on the Tap Trio should be red to indicate boot mode. Then use QMK toolbox to flash the custom keymap.

How do I reset the Tap Trio back to the default keymap?

To reset back to default keymap, head to Remap and connect your Tap Trio. On the right side of the keymap, click on the three horizontal dots to expand the menu and click on Reset Keymap.


Product Specifications

What's in the box?

Keypad, 1.5m USB-C to A data cable, key switch puller, 2x sticky pads, instructions manual.

Physical Specifications:

Width: 78mm

Depth: 56.8mm

Height: 30mm

Weight: 70.7g

Cable Length: 1.5m

Materials Used:

Low-carbon aluminum & plastic

PBT Keycaps


What is the warranty information for the Tap Trio?

Tap Trio has a 180 days hardware warranty starting from the date of purchase.

For the full terms and conditions, please visit Warranty Information.

Spare Parts

Are spare parts available for purchase?

At this time, Tap Trio replacement PCBs and sticky pads are not available for purchase. Once we have streamlined the manufacturing process of the Tap Trio, we will offer replacement parts.

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If you have any questions regarding your Tap Trio, please contact us at the link below!