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How to set up macros on the Tap Trio

Macros are powerful tools to help you speed up your workflow and get to commonly used items faster. Macros can be easily configured through Remap, our recommended configuration tool for the Tap Trio.

How to setup a basic multikey macro in Remap

Macros are configured in Remap. If you do not have Remap set up, click here for the setup guide. In Remap, 15 different macros can be stored on the Tap Trio for quick access.

We will set up a simple copy and paste macro (CTRL+C and CTRL+V) on the Tap Trio.

To start, click on the key you would like to remap. Put "C" in the Keycode section and add the CTRL modifer to set CTRL+C. Then select another key and put "V" in the Keycode section and add CTRL modifier to set CTRL+V.

Make sure to click flash to save the settings onto the Tap Trio. You successfully assigned a simple macro.

Complex Macros

Complex macros are a great way to speed up certain useful repeated actions. You can use complex macros to automate actions in any application or games.

In this example, we will set up a complex macro to type our a word by converting the word into a keypress string.

In Remap, navigate to the Functions tab and the Macros subcategory.

Click edit on any one of the sixteen available macros to start setting the macro.

Click back and assign the macro you've recorded onto a key or button on the Tap Trio. Click flash to save the macro onto your Tap Trio.

You did it! Test it out to make sure it works properly. If it doesn't, repeat the previous steps.

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