How to set up the Tap Trio for logins

You can use the Tap Trio to instantly input your password for your Windows, email, or game accounts! Here's how to set it up:


Login information is saved as plain-text on the Tap Trio. Anyone with access to your Tap Trio will have access to the passcodes saved on the device. Please excercise caution when saving passwords/passcodes on the Tap Trio.

Password as a keybind

On Remap, click on the Functions tab and under the Macro subcategory, edit any macro 0-15.

Now you have to put your password in as a keypress sequence.

We will input the code as a sequence of keystrokes. In this example, we will put in 0000.

Press flash to save the Macro on the Tap Trio.

Assign the Macro onto a key on the Tap Trio and remember to click the flash button to save the keymap.

Test it out and if it doesn't work, repeat the steps from the beginning.

You're done! The Macro is saved on your device so you can take the Tap Trio and use it anywhere without having the set it up again.

You can use the same method for other logins as well. You can also program a username input and password input into a single macro!

For advanced QMK users, please visit the QMK macro documentations for additional functions like adding delays.

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