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Windows Desktop Macros

Opening commonly used quick apps with a single keypress or quickly change between virtual desktops and snap windows. These are some useful ways to speed up your workflow!

If you want to know how to program these functions into your Tap Trio using VIA, please visit the Tap Trio macro setup guide.

Window Snap Left/Right, Minimize/Maximize

Window snapping is a fast way of organize your workspace.

To snap a window to the left, set a key to: Win + left arrow

To snap a window to the right, set a key to: Win + right arrow

To minimize all windows (show desktop): Win + M

To restore minimized windows: Win + Shift + M

To maximize window: Win + up arrow

How to record complex macros with VIA

  1. In VIA, click the MACROS icon on the left and select any of the 15 available macro slots (M0-M15).
  2. VIA must be in fullscreen mode to record a keypress. Click on fullscreen to fullscreen the VIA application.
  3. Press the keypress combination and it will record the sequence. Click stop to end the recording process.
  4. Once you are satisfied, click save and assign the macro number to any of the keys on the device.

Additional Windows shortcuts

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