Gateron Ink V2 Switches

From $3.50

  • Set of 2 
  • Gateron MX switches , Plate mounted (5 pins) SMD Led Compatible
  • 5 Pin Plate Mounted
  • Transparent switch
  • Lifetime: 50 million cycles
  • Available in ink red, ink blue, ink yellow, and ink black
  • Gateron switches are smoother and have a slightly higher actuation point than Cherry Mx Switches

Ink Red (Linear) [Actuation: 50g, Bottom: 67g, Travel: 4 mm]

Ink Black (Linear) [Actuation: 60g, Bottom: 80g, Travel: 4 mm]

Ink Yellow (Linear) [Actuation: 60g, Bottom: 67g, Travel: 3.4 mm]

Ink Blue (Clicky) [Actuation: 75g, Bottom: 60g, Travel: 4 mm]