Tap Trio Troubleshooting Guide

If your Tap Trio is experiencing problems, please use the following guide to troubleshoot and repair the macropad.

Common Issues and Fixes

The Tap Trio lights up but the buttons don't work

If the Tap Trio lights up but is unable to be detected by your computer, it means the Tap Trio is receiving power but not data. This issue can be easily fixed by using the included USB Type C cable and plugging the Sim Pad directly into a USB 3.0 data port on the computer. This issue usually comes up when users use 3rd party power only USB Type C cables, USB hubs that do not support enough power to transfer data, or USB ports that are power transfer only.

Some USB ports on some Asus motherboards do not send data, we recommend trying another USB port.

Some USB ports on the back of monitors require additional data transfer tables to be plugged in for data transmission. Please consult your monitor's user manual to see the necessary steps to make your monitor's USB ports capable for data transmission.

My Tap Trio is not responsive

The chance of a Tap Trio being DOA (Dead on Arrival) is incredibly slim. If you received a Tap Trio that is not responsive, we recommend testing the Tap Trio using the following procedures:

- Tap Trio do not work with most USB hubs. Most USB hubs do not output enough power for data transmission for the Tap Trio to function properly. If your Tap Trio lights up but isn't working, then the USB hub or port is not sending enough power to the device. We recommend using a USB hub that has supplementary power. If cable distance is an issue, we recommend purchasing a suitable USB-C data transfer cable.

- Test with another computer to see if it is an issue with the computer. Some antivirus/desktop programs can interfere with the Sim Pad drivers and causes the Sim Pad to malfunction.

- If the Tap Trio is still not responsive, please use another USB Type C cable to see if you have received a defective cable.

If these steps still doesn't fix the issue, please contact us immediately for further assistance.

The VIA software isn't starting up

If the VIA drivers are not starting up, it is due to an antivirus program or Windows Defender preventing the drivers to launch. We recommend launching the VIA application in administrator mode to resolve any issue.

The three quick action buttons on the Tap Trio are stuck...

Through use, dirt can lodge in the three small quick action buttons and make the buttons get stuck. We recommend unscrewing the casing and clean out any debris inside the Tap Trio.

My keypad is experiencing double tapping

After prolong use, the keypad will occasionally collect dust that affects the performance of the hot-swappable socket. We recommend using compressed air to clean the interior of the keypad. The Kailh hot-swappable sockets are rated for 100 swaps before they deteriorate. If cleaning out the keypad does not solve the double tapping issue, please use the guide below to see if you require a PCB replacement.

If none of the above answered your question, please contact us or join our Discord server where other Tap Trio users can provide further assistance!