Cherry MX Switches (2023 ver.)

From $1.40

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  • Cherry MX Switches 2023 version with clear RGB casing
  • 3 Pin Plate Mounted
  • Transparent switch
  • Lifetime: 50 million cycles
  • Available in MX Blue, Red, Brown, Black, Silent Red, Silent Black, and Silver/Speed Silver

Linear Switches:

Red [45g peak force, silent]

Black [60g peak force, silent]

Silent Red [45g peak force, silent]

Silver/Speed Silver [45g peak force with 1.2mm actuation, silent]

Silent Black [60 cN operating force, 1.9 mm pre travel, 3.7 mm total travel]


Tactile Switches:

Brown [55g peak force, medium noise level]


Clicky Switches:

Blue [60g peak force, High noise level]