Aurora Detailed Repair Manual

Momokai is dedicated to making long lasting products that are easy to repair. The Aurora is our first macropad to be right to repair friendly. This guide is a comprehensive manual on repairing all issues with the Aurora.

Hardware Disassembly

Opening the device

Tools needed for complete disassembly: 1x phillips head screwdriver

To diassemble the Aurora, first remove the keycaps, knob, and mechanical switches using the included keycap and switch pullers. Then, peel up the 4 black single sided rubber anti-slip pads on the bottom of the macropad to expose the 4 screws. Use a phillips head screwdriver to remove the screws and the bottom plate will come off.

Removing the PCB

Remove the PE sound insulating foam. It is not held by adhesives so it can be easily replaced. The PCB is held onto the case with 4 phillips head screws located on the top and bottom of the PCB. Once loosen, the PCB can be removed.

Knob Replacement

Knob tightening screw stuck

Overtightening the screw in the knob can strip the screw and cause the knob to be stuck. If you can remove the knob then don't use the stripped screw anymore. If you cannot remove the stripped screw and the knob is stuck, there is no way to remove the knob without damaging the knob or the macropad.

For knob replacement guide and specifications, please visit this guide.

PCB Repairs

Double tapping issues

If you are experiencing double-tapping issues, please refer to this guide to identify the root cause of the issue and follow the related solution.

Key not registering

If a key is not registering, it is likely that the switch is not making proper contact with the hot-swap socket or the socket is damaged. To identify the root cause of the issue, first remove the switch and check if the pins are straight and inserted properly into the socket. If this doesn't solve the issue, open the case and check if the socket contacts are widened. Please use this video as a reference to check and repair the widened socket gap.

If this doesn't solve the issue, it is likely that the socket is broken. Check to see if the connection on the PCB between the switch and the microcontroller chip are not fried from short circuiting. If it looks normal, then a socket replacement is needed. You will need to desolder the two contacts on the left and right of the socket and solder a new Kailh Gen 2 hot-swappable socket.

We also offer replacement PCB boards for Aurora macropad owners. Please contact us if you want to purchase a replacement PCB.

Replacement Parts Specifications

Mechanical switches - any MX style switches are supported. The Aurora comes with Cherry MX Red switches out of the box. Hall effect switches are not supported.

Keycaps - Any MX style keycaps are supported. The Aurora comes with XDA keycaps out of the box. Only keycaps with a + stem hole is supported.

Sound insulation foam - PE sound insulating foam can be cut to shape. Foam is not required for the device to function normally. Maximum 2mm thickness supported.

Screw dimensions - 4.8mm length, 3.5mm head diameter, 1.9mm thread diameter

Hot-swappable sockets - Kailh Gen 1/2 hot-swappable sockets supported. Not compatible with any other hot-swappable sockets.

Single sided anti-slip pads - 9mm diameter, 2mm height single sided rubber pads

Functioning PCBs and case parts are available for sale. Please contact us if you need to purchase these individual parts. Individual parts are only available for customers who purchased an Aurora macropad.

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