Cherry/Gateron/Kailh Switch Pack


Get a set of ALL the switches we offer from the 3 manufacturers

2 or 3 switches of every color so you can test out all the switches on your keypad!

Save up to 10% when purchasing a switch pack

Cherry Switch Pack now includes Cherry MX Silent Black

Gateron Switch Packs are currently unavailable due to a shortage of clear switches. You can still purchase other Gateron switches here.

Every pack comes with switches of each color!

What's included:
Cherry Pack

Cherry MX Red

Cherry MX Blue

Cherry MX Brown

Cherry MX Black

Cherry MX Silent Red

Cherry MX Silent Black

Cherry MX Silver/Speed Silver

See Cherry switches specs >

Gateron Pack

Gateron White

Gateron Red

Gateron Brown

Gateron Black

Gateron Blue

Gateron Green

Gateron Yellow

See Gateron switches specs >

Kailh Box Pack

Kailh Box Black

Kailh Box Red

Kailh Box White

Kailh Box Brown

Kailh Box Navy

Kailh Box Jade

See Kailh Box switches specs >

Gateron Ink Pack

Gateron Ink Black

Gateron Ink Blue

Gateron Ink Red

Gateron Ink Yellow

See Gateron Ink switches specs >

Gateron Milky Pack

Gateron Milky Red 

Gateron Milky Black

Gateron Milky White

Gateron Milky Green

Gateron Milky Brown

Gateron Milky Blue

Gateron Milky Yellow

See Gateron Milky switches specs >

Gateron Pro 2.0 Pack

Gateron Pro 2.0 switches are factory pre-lubed (Except Blue variant)

Gateron Pro 2.0 Red

Gateron Pro 2.0 Blue

Gateron Pro 2.0 Yellow

Gateron Pro 2.0 Brown

Gateron Pro 2.0 Black

Gateron Pro 2.0 White

Gateron Pro 2.0 Silver

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