After weeks of designing and testing, we are proud to introduce the Momocat Switch Opener!

The Momocat Switch Opener is an all-in-one switch opener that can open any Cherry, Gateron, or Kailh Switch! Perfect for lubing and modifying switches. The switch opener is made with CNC brushed aluminum and held together by neodymium magnets. There is also an open socket on the back so you can place a switch in and convert it to a mini switch tester. This is a perfect keychain gift for anybody who is into mechanical keyboards!

We are really happy with how the switch opener came out. They are currently in limited production because we are still working with our supplier on getting a stable source of raw materials for production. So once it is sold out, it might be a little while before it's back in stock. We are also bringing in more colors in the future.

To everyone that has supported Momokai, thank you very much. This wouldn't have happened without your help. When you purchase from Momokai, it helps us make new products and we are very grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the mechanical keyboard community.

You can purchase the Momocat Switch Opener here.

With much love,
Jen and noname
August 14, 2021