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May and Mo

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In early 2022, the Momokai team collaborated with a talented artist (Meeluf) to create a mascot for the store! We instantly fell in love with the pair of characters Meeluf crafted for us and we are so excited to be able to share them with everyone. So please give a warm welcome to May and Mo!

hi there!

We have searched high and low for a new home and are so excited to have found it in Momokai! You'll see a lot of us soon - on the new Tap Trios, stickers, and more to come. You will also see us all around the Momokai store, helping you with any issues or providing recommendations. Lets go!

~ May and Mo


Birthday: April 1
Blood Type: AB
Age: doesn't like to be asked
Abilities: magical girl powers, streaming 200bpm
Likes: osu!, dad jokes


Birthday: December 25
Age: baby
Abilities: sleeping
Likes: May, chewing on keycaps

Our first appearance!

To celebrate the launch of the Tap Trio, receive an exclusive sticker pack with the purchase of a 1st edition Momokai Tap Trio.

Limited quantity available. Sticker packs not sold separately.