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How to open applications with macros

Opening applications with a single keypress is a great way to get to commonly used apps. However, they do take a little bit of effort to set up and there are a few different ways to set it up, here is how we set it up.

Macros are set up through Remap.

If you want to know how to program macros into your Tap Trio, please visit the Tap Trio macro setup guide.

for windows

Ways to open applications with macros

There are multiple ways of opening applications.

To open applications in your taskbar, Windows default shortcuts are Win+ 1-9. You can macro this shortcut to quickly open any application in your taskbar.

In Remap, change the keybind to Win + 1-9. Make sure you choose just the number and not "Num 1-9"

Remember to click "flash" to save your settings.

To open applications not in your taskbar, we first have to assign a shortcut key to an application shortcut.

1. Right click the application and create a shortcut. Skip this step if the application is already a shortcut.

2. Right click the shortcut and select properties. Under the Shortcuts heading, locate Shortcut key. Set an unused keyboard combination to the shortcut key.

We used Ctrl+Shift+Alt+P in this example.

3. Input the sequence into Remap for the key you want to set.

Hit "flash" to save the keybind.

Applications we like opening with macros

Here are some commonly used apps we use macros for:

Spotify, Photoshop, Discord, Excel, Steam, Chrome, OBS, Calculator, File Explorer, Calculator.

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