We are Momokai

Providing you with beautifully designed custom macro pads and keyboard accessories. Made with love by our team of keyboard enthusiasts.

When we created Momokai, we wanted to provide keyboard enthusiasts with a high quality and affordable macro pads and keyboard accessories. Our goal is to provide the keyboard community access to the a wide range of the latest keyboard accessories.

about momokai

our goals

Our mission is to make high quality affordable keyboard accessories for gamers and creators. Our vision is to inspire creativity through our products.

Meet out team!

Vincent (noname)

Hi, I'm Vincent and I'm the founder and CEO of Momokai. I've been streaming and playing osu! since 2019 and it's the main reason why I wanted to get into custom mechanical keypads. I am currently working as a digital marketing coordinator for an airline. On my free time, I play osu! and watch anime. Currently my favorite animes are Kaguya, Violet Evergarden, and Promised Neverland. Highly recommended!

Jennifer (jenn)

hello, I'm Jen. I work on UX/UI design for Momokai. I'm from Morioka, JP and I graduated from UCLA with a graphic design/front end development degree in 2019. Currently I am also working at Reddit Inc. in front end development. I don't play osu! but I do play bandori a lot. I also like to watch anime, my current favorites are Haikyuu, AOT, and Your Name.