Tap Duo

Next generation Sim Pad with all new capabilities


Completely Redesigned

Built from the ground up to be the best 2 key macropad on the market.

With the help of a brand new chip, the Tap Duo has more macro functionalities and lighting modes than the Sim Pad 2, giving you greater control without sacrificing performance.

2 keys + 3 buttons - all programmable

The Tap Duo is able to store complex macros for you to automate the most complex tasks. Turn on your computer, control your media, or launch your applications with a touch of a button - all stored on the device so you can take it anytime, anywhere.

Any way you like it.

With Kailh Gen. 2 Hot-swappable sockets, you can use any MX style switches with your Tap Trio.

*additional switches sold separately

1 Year Limited Hardware Warranty

We are confident with the improvements made on the Tap Duo. If you have any issues within 1 year of purchase, let us know so we can help.

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Improvements over Sim Pad 2

Read about how we used community feedback to improve the design of the Tap Duo.

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Tech Specs

Need more information before deciding? Check out the technical specifications for the Tap Duo.

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