Sim Pad V2 and Sim Pad Nano Replacement PCBs are available here

While we have designed the Sim Pads to last, normal wear and tear through use and hot-swapping switches will eventually wear down the switch sockets. When the time comes, we would like to offer everyone the opportunity to replace the PCB instead of having to purchase another Sim Pad. We do offer a 90 day hardware warranty on all Sim Pads so if your Sim Pad is malfunctioning, please contact us. If your keypad is out of warranty and have determined the PCB to be the cause of issue, we have provided the option to purchase the PCB separately.

How to determine if the PCB is the cause of disconnection or double tapping malfunctions:

  1. Plug the Sim Pad directly into the computer using the stock USB Type C cable. Sim Pads connected to USB hubs will often not have enough power to send data.
  2. If issues persist, change to another USB Type C cable to test. There is the rare case that the included USB-C cable could be defective.
  3. Test the Sim Pad on safe mode or on a different computer. Software and antivirus programs often interferes with the Sim Pad drivers and causes the Sim Pad to malfunction.
  4. On Sim Pad Nanos, if the lights are malfunctioning, please perform the PCB reset procedure here under "The Sim Pad Nano lights are malfunctioning or not responsive when the keys are pressed." Do not perform this reset on Sim Pad 2s.
  5. If the keypad is double tapping, it could mean dust particles have gotten into the hot-swappable sockets. The sockets are extremely sensitive to dust particles and a blast of compressed air can fix the double tapping problem. Otherwise, it would mean the switch is malfunction, we recommend testing with a different switch.

If the above procedures do not fix the issues, it means the PCB would need a replacement. If your order is within our 90 day warranty, contact us. Otherwise, we recommend purchasing a replacement PCB and perform the replacement following the guide here.

Thank you for your time and understanding.

With much love,
nonane (Vincent) and Jen

August 14, 2021