This post is in regards to customers that purchased a Sim Pad from SimShop/Handle.

Momokai has and still continues to work closely with Handle on manufacturing and distributing Sim Pads. However in recent times, Handle (SimShop owner), has been taking a leave of absence and customers that purchased a Sim Pad from SimShop are seeing longer than usual delays (2+ months).

To people who are looking to purchase a Sim Pad,
If you are from North America, we recommend purchasing from Momokai as we are the only official Sim Pad distributor in North America. Sim Pads purchased from Momokai gets 30 days free return/exchange guarantee plus a 90 days hardware warranty. U.S. customers also get express shipping and fast customer support through Discord and e-mail. For international customers, we provide under 21 business days shipping and we also cover VAT and import fees.

To people who purchased a Sim Pad from SimShop:
Even though Momokai works closely with Handle on Sim Pad production, we currently do not share the same order processing system so there is no way for us to fulfill orders placed through SimShop. If you have not received your SimShop order yet, we recommend requesting a refund from Handle/SimShop and placing the order through Momokai.

There are currently no other official Sim Pad distributors and purchasing from non-official marketplaces can result in you receiving inferior parts.

We are currently working closely with Handle on resolving the order backlogs from SimShop. Momokai is still fully operational and fulfilling most orders within 48 hours. There is no order delays for Sim Pads purchased through Momokai. We want to thank our customers for the continued support.

With much love
Jen and noname(Vincent)
August 14, 2021