Today, we are happy to announce that we are updating our site to a brand new design. As we continue to grow, we needed more functionalities that can fit our needs and help out our customers as much as possible. Here are a list of changes that we are excited about bringing to you!

- More replaceable parts available

We are making Sim Pad 2 replacement adhesive and keycaps for purchase!

- Customer Accounts Added

During checkout, you have the option of creating an account so you can easily track your order or check the status of your order.

- SMS tracking.

You can now opt in for SMS order updates. (standard messaging fees apply)

- Better handling of tracking information. 

Instead of using a third party application to process shipping, we are now doing shipping within our site. This should eliminate most errors including duplicate orders, incorrect order details, duplicate emails, etc.

- Better accuracy with shipping fees calculations

Starting today, shipping calculations for international orders are calculated based on location instead of a flat rate. Some countries will see a slight decrease in shipping costs!

- Removed several restrictions on some countries affected by COVID-19

Back in 2020, due to the pandemic, we had to disable shipping to some countries because the local couriers could not deliver packages. Since then, we have worked with our couriers to make a few countries available for delivery.

- Priority Mail fast shipping service available for U.S. customers

- Shipping calculator in cart page

- Better graphics and illustrations

- Easier to read support menus

This transition is a major move for us and the transition process is still ongoing. We are still constantly fixing errors on our site. If you noticed any errors, please let me know here! If you have found an link error on our site, we will give you a 10% off discount on your next purchase!


August 23, 2021