Tap Trio V1.30 Update

More ways to customize

V1.30 update enhances Tap Trios with all new macro features, key press lighting, and a new Fast Speed Mode


Macro Recording with VIA

Make simple and complex macros with an all-new recording feature in VIA. All saved in your device with an easy to use web interface, no software downloads needed.

Macro Delays

Record delays in between keypresses to do multi-step actions.

Keypress lighting

All new keypress lighting modes

New lighting modes that reacts to key presses available in VIA under lighting modes.

Reactive modes include:

  • Typing Heatmap
  • Solid Reactive Simple
  • Solid Reactive
  • Solid Reactive Multi Wide
  • Solid Reactive Multi Nexus
  • Splash
  • Multi Splash
  • Solid Splash

Some previous lighting modes that do not function properly are removed

Full Speed Mode

Introducing Full Speed Mode

Full Speed Mode reduces input delay by ~5ms on the Tap Trio by using a new debounce algorithm.

The new debounce algorithm provides the least amount of input delay. However, it will no longer simulate the natural delay from a QMK keyboard.

To activate Full Speed Mode, you will need to flash the V1.30 Full Speed Mode firmware instead of the normal firmware. You can revert back to the original debounce firmware at any time.

See how to update to V1.30