How to set up the Tap Trio with VIA

This is a guide on how to change the key, lighting, and custom macros for the Tap Trio with VIA.

Our recommended way of configuring the Tap Trio is through Remap. VIA desktop client is no longer updated beyond version 1.3.1.

VIA Web Client vs Desktop App

In July 2022, VIA was updated to a web based client. The web client allows you to configure the Tap Trio through your Chrome/Microsoft Edge/Opera browser.

VIA Desktop App is an older version of VIA and no longer updated by VIA. If you need to use the desktop app, you can download the desktop app here. (Windows/MacOS/Linux)

Step 1: Launch VIA web client

1. Open VIA and plug in your Tap Trio.

2. Click "authorize devices" and select the Tap Trio in the prompt

On the web client, only browsers that support WebHID can detect the Tap Trio. Please use Chrome/Edge/Opera browsers.

Step 2: Change the keybinds and lighting

Click the key you want to change and the keybind you want to change to.

There are 37 different lighting modes available.

Changes are applied and saved automatically on the device.

Ready to go?

Find interesting ways of using your new Tap Trio!