How to safely swap switches

This is a guide on change the switches on your new keypad safely and securely.

Please remember the Kailh hot-swappable sockets are highly sensitive and can be easily damaged if proper precautions are not taken.


Please disconnect the keypad from your computer. Please do not replace a switch while the keyboard is still plugged in a power source.

You will need the included keyswitch puller to remove the switch.

Step 1: Remove the keycap

Take the keycap off the switch you want to replace by pulling directly upwards on the keycap.

Step 2: Remove the switch

Locate the two tabs on the top and bottom of the switch.

Use the included keyswitch puller to pinch the two tabs and pull the switch straight up our of the socket.

Some force is needed.

3. Align the switch pins with the hot-swappable sockets

There is only one correct position for the switch to go into the sockets. You must align the two contact pins on the switch with the two hot-swappable holes in the keypad. Make sure the switch pins are straight before inserting into the socket.

If a switch pin is bent, do not insert into the keypad. Straighten the pins back with a tweezer or by pinching the pin. Bent pins are a common occurance but they do not affect the performance of the switch itself. As long as both pins are straight, it will not cause issues or damage to the sockets.

5. Replace the keycap and test the switch

Reinsert the keycap by pressing it down onto the switch and test the switch to make sure it is working properly.

If nothing happens when you press the key, that means the pins did not make proper contact with the sockets, repeat steps 2-5 and check if the pins got bent during installation.

If you are experiencing issues with double tapping, that means the sockets are damaged and will require a PCB replacement.

Congratulations! You have successfully swap a switch.

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