Sim Pad Nano Enclosure

The Sim Pad Nano Enclosure is a case that expands the footprint of the Sim Pad Nano to be a size similar to the Sim Pad 2.

Below are instructions and tutorials on how to use the Sim Pad Nano Enclosure

How to use

Just snap it in

The enclosure is designed to fit the Sim Pad Nano perfectly.

Just remove the keychain and sticky pad from the bottom of the Sim Pad Nano and snap it in! It will only fit in one direction with the USB port pointed at the opening.

I have a 3D Printer, Can I print one out?

Yes! If you have a 3D printer, you can download the STL file and print it out with your own printer!

Don't have a printer? Buy an enclosure from us here!

Print Settings

The printer we use to print the enclosure is a Bambu Lab P1P.

PLA filament

15% infill Rectilinear

Supports are needed