How to set up the Tap Trio

This is a guide on how to change the key, lighting, and custom macros for the Tap Trio with Remap, our recommended keyboard configuration tool.

Remap is a web based keyboard configuration tool. No downloads needed, just connect and start!

Step 1: Connect the Tap Trio to Remap

1. Head to Remap and click + KEYBOARD

A popup should show up asking to connect the Tap Trio with Remap.

2. Select the Tap Trio and click "Connect" and you are ready to go!

Please note that Remap only works on Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and Opera browsers. If your browser does not support WebHID or prefer a desktop client, click here for VIA desktop client.

Step 2: Change the keybinds and lighting

Click the key you want to change and the keybind you want to change to. You can also drag the function on which every keys. The map correcsponds to the 6 configurable keys and buttons on the Tap Trio.

There are 26 different lighting modes available. You can adjust the lighting mode by clicking the lighting icon to the right of the keymap.

Once you are done, click flash to save the configuration to the Tap Trio.

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