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How to replace the aluminum knob

The aluminum knob is held on the stem with a tightening screw. In the event you want to replace the knob, follow this guide to make sure the knob is properly seated.

The included 1.5mm allen key can be used to loosen the screw on the side of the knob for disassembly.

When tightening the knob back on the step, lift the knob slightly while tightening to the knob is secured to the stem properly. Align the screw with the flat side of the D-stem.

If you can't press down on the knob, unscrew the knob and lift the knob up slightly while tightening.

If the knob is tightened while it is all the way down, it does not provide enough clearance for the knob to be pressed down.

Do not overtighten the knob to avoid damage to the tightening screw.

Knob compatibility specifications

Maximum diameter knob supported: 32mm

Encoder stem shape: D-Stem

Knob screw: hex socket 1.5mm x 5.8mm

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