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How to configure an encoder (aka... knob)

The encoder, or knob, is the spinny round thing that is most often set to volume control and mute/unmute. This is how you can customize the knob to do any other function you like. The encoder is configured in VIA.

To start, connect your device through VIA and click on the encoder knob. You will see the three configurable encoder options:

  • Rotate Counterclockwise
  • Rotate Clockwise
  • Press Encoder

The default encoder actions are displayed in Keycodes, the specific codes assigned to each key on a keyboard, which determine what action is performed when that key is pressed.

To change the action, click on the keycode and type in the keycode you would like to change to.

How to find keycodes

Keycodes can be found displayed on the bottom left by hovering over any key in VIA. All keycodes start with KC_

To see a full list of QMK supported keycodes, please visit Basic Keycodes by QMK

Common encoder actions

General computing:

  • Volume Control
  • Horizontal Scrolling
  • Alt-tab Switching
  • Page up/ Page down

Code/ Text Editing:

  • Jump to next / previous word
  • Move cursor to next / previous character
  • Backspace and delete
  • Find Next / Find Previous

Photo Editing:

  • Increase/decrease brush size
  • Increase/ decrease brush hardness
  • Adjust text size
  • Incremental Zoom
  • Rotate

Video Production:

  • Move playhead
  • Adjust video/audio track height
  • Go to next/previous marker

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