How to set up the Tap Trio for logins

You can use the Tap Trio to instantly input your password for your Windows, email, or game accounts! Here's how to set it up:


Login information is saved as a macro on the Tap Trio. Anyone with access to your Tap Trio will have access to the passcodes saved on the device. Please excercise caution when saving passwords/passcodes on the Tap Trio.

Password as a custom macro

In this example, we will set up a complex macro to type out the password by recording the keypresses.

  1. In VIA, click the MACROS icon on the left and select any of the 15 available macro slots (M0-M15).
  2. VIA must be in fullscreen mode to record a keypress. Click on fullscreen to fullscreen the VIA application.
  3. Type the word "hello" and it will record the sequence and click stop to end the recording process.
  4. Once you are satisfied, click save and assign the macro number to any of the keys on the device.

Now whenever you need to input the password, just press the assigned key and the password will be typed in automatically.

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