With over 70,000 unique readers per month, KBD.news is a blog and weekly newsletter on DIY mechanical keyboards celebrating their 2 year anniversary on November 20th.

We are so happy that Momokai was recently added to their vendors list! We will be celebrating their 2 year anniversary with a collaboration raffle featuring almost 100 different unique prizes from 47 different vendors.


3 winners of the Momokai prize will get a Sim Pad 2 (Black)


To take part in the raffle,

  1. you have to be a follower of @KbdNews on Twitter or a newsletter subscriber.
  2. you have to apply via the online form set up for this purpose.

Applicants will have to provide their Twitter username or email (newsletter!), and their country.

Giveaway winners will only qualify for prizes within their region. Only people in the U.S. are able to win the Momokai prize. Raffle will take place November 20th, 2022. Winners will be contacted through Twitter DM or email.


To learn more about the giveaway, visit KBD.news/Giveaway



November 10, 2022