This post is for clearing up any misunderstanding about who we are and what we do. We understand there are some people who are making false claims about our intentions and the work we do.

The creator of the Sim Pad devices goes by the name Handle and he runs the official site for the Sim Pad. Momokai is working directly with Handle as the official North American distributor for Sim Pad devices. We are not rivals, but rather partners trying to make the Sim Pad available to more people. We decided to start this partnership because we believe it is the best way to give our customers faster delivery and better customer support. Handle manufactures the Sim Pad and Momokai distributes them across the North American market. These types of partnerships are very common and necessary to provide the best experience for customers.

North American and international customers can enjoy the following benefits if ordering from Momokai:

  • Faster processing time (typically under 24 hours)
  • Faster shipping times (2-5 days for continental U.S.)
  • Exceptional and quick customer support
  • Ability to use Google Pay and Apple Pay payment methods
  • Avoid VAT and import related fees and taxes.
  • More options for switches.
  • A 30 day, no-hassle return policy on Sim Pads

At the moment, Momokai is distributing only Sim Pads, we want to continue to work with Handle to bring more of his creations to the North American market. We do not actively discourage our customers from purchasing directly from Handle's official site. However, Momokai can not provide order support for orders made through Handle's site nor can Handle provide order support for Momokai customers. We hope this clears up any misunderstandings about what we do. We ask our customers to refrain from spreading rumors about the nature of our relationship.

Thank you very much for your understanding.
With much love,

Jen and noname (Vincent)

August 14, 2021