Today we are announcing our steps to make Momokai more accessible to our non U.S. customers starting with Canada! This is a multi-year plan to begin localizing our website and delivery options for more countries. Below are some processes we set up for Canadian customers and are a glimpse of what we want to bring to more countries in the future. 

  • In December, we standardized the base shipping option for Canadian customers, offering a lower cost flat rate delivery option.
  • We expanded returns and warranty repair service options for all Canadian customers.
  • Starting today, Canadian customers visiting Momokai.com will see a localized version of the site with prices displayed in CAD for all products. 
  • All duties and customs taxes continue to be covered in price.

We are also waiting for approval for fulfillment options from Canada. We are expecting by the end of 2022 to offer low cost 2 day shipping options and deliveries from Western and Eastern Canada. 

All this wouldn't be possible without the support of our fans and the incredible work of the Momokai team. Thank you!


With much love,

Momokai Team

February 18, 2022