Hello, noname (vincent) here! I'm a Just Chatting/osu! Twitch Streamer and YouTuber. I've been playing osu! since April 2019. I am also co-owner of momokai!

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osu! skins I use

I use customized 21:9 versions of the skins for my weird widescreen, but all the skins below is for 16:9 aspect ratios. Enjoy! 🌺

no-name Hu Tao 1.0

My first skin that I made in February 2021. The skin is also available in 21:9 aspect ratio. I made the skin specifically for 21:9 aspect ratio and did a 16:9 conversion. For the 21:9 version, you can get it here.

Tranquil Sublimity [noname edit]

This is my main skin for pretty much everything. Some videos I used different hitsounds but this is the most current hitsound set.


PROJECT VOEZ skin by -yuo-. This is kind of a troll skin that I use occasionally to frustrate me. Check out his forum post here.

GreenTea ft.Souji Okita (FGO) by Komori

GreenTea ft.Souji Okita (FGO) skin made by Komori. Check out his YouTube channel here.

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