Year End Review 2021

A newsletter on what happened in 2021 and what's coming up!

Happy holidays everyone!

As we close out another year for Momokai, I want to recognize the efforts of our tremendous team working tirelessly behind the scenes to make everything possible. From our incredible staff to the spectacular content creators, it is their efforts that have made sure we experienced a smooth sailing year. 

Here's what we've been working on and what you can look forward to in the future!

What is this update?

Hello everyone! This is the Momokai team and we are all writing our first comprehensive newsletter on everything that is happening in Momokai. We are planning on doing these updates once every few months so we have a single consolidated piece for all our news rather than multiple blog posts.

New goodies we've added!

Re:Zero Artisan Keycap Set

Our keycap artist Xiao Yu made some super cute Re:Zero artisan keycaps of all our favorite characters from the series.

Momocat Keycap Puller and Brushes

Momocat switch openers will now come with 4pcs switch puller and brush kit!

Colored keycaps 2 piece set

R4 PBT colored keycaps are what we use for Sim Pads and now you can get an entire set of different colors!

Join our end of the year holiday giveaway!

To welcome 2022, we are giving away 20 osu! supporter tags. To enter, visit the giveaway blog post down below!

Binfy's 5 Digit Bracket osu! Tournament

Attention all 5 digit osu! players! Momokai is sponsoring our 3rd osu! tournament hosted by Binfy and FlatPaper called Binfy's 5 Digit Bracket!

First place winners in this 4v4 tournament will get a free Sim Pad 2 or Sim Pad Nano of their choice!

New content creators we partnered with



Mochi Marie

The challenges we faced this year

COVID-19's effects on global shipping and semiconductor shortage

Our greatest issue at the moment is still the global logistical slowdown and semiconductor shortage caused by COVID-19. It is like a one-two-punch that goes in an infinite loop cycle.

On one hand, semiconductor chips used for Sim Pads are slower to produce due to shortage of components and shipping internationally also slowed down by another 70-100%. In 2021, we have spent the majority of our time making sure we can produce enough Sim Pads to meet demand.

We've dedicated more resources to make sure we can minimize hiccups throughout the year and better prepare for the year after.

Shipping restrictions and changes

Australian COVID-19 lockdowns were a major issue for us because it prevented us from shipping packages for two months. We have worked out a deal with another shipping courier but the restrictions have backed up packages and shipping time is estimated to be around 30 days.

We have also removed standard USPS international shipping services to a few countries due to unreliability of service.

Due to high number of frauds, we are no longer serving customers in Brazil.

You can read more about shipping restrictions here.

and on future projects...

As we dedicate more resources into solving these behind-the-scenes issues, it meant we allocated resources away from important projects that we wanted to do in 2021. Projects such as ring-index pad and new color options. Our progress has been slower than expected but we are still making small progress on these projects.

We still believe that the Sim Pad 2 is the best keypad on the market, offering the best balance of quality and price. We are working on updating it with more functionalities.

In Spring 2022, we will begin beta testing and releasing more information on the Ring-Index keypad, updated two-key keypad, and a secret project.

We are also working with new shipping couriers to reduce the cost of shipping for non U.S. customers, we are likely to see 5-10% reduction in shipping cost starting December.

Our detailed investigation report into double tapping issues

In October, we spent the majority of our time investigating the recurring report of double tapping issues with the Sim Pads. This report will go over why it is happening and how to prevent double tapping from occuring in your Sim Pad. You can read the comprehensive report below.

Thank you!

Through thick and thin, it has been a pleasure to share the past year with you. On behalf of the Momokai team, happy holidays and happy new year.

With much love,