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Product FAQ

My Sim Pad is malfunctioning, how do I fix it it?

If you are experiencing issues with your Sim Pad, please check out

Sim Pad V2/Nano Troubleshooting Guide

The pins on my switches are bent, what do I do?

Bent switch pins can happen frequently during shipping or when swapping switches. There is no need to worry! Switch pins can be simply straightened out by using your hands or a tweezer. There should not be any deterioration of quality or performance from bent switches.

We do recommend being extremely careful when replacing switches on Sim Pads. Pressing too hard or misaligning switch pins when inserting into the Sim Pad can cause significant damage to the Sim pad.

If you received a switch that is not performing normally within 90 days of purchase, please contact us.

How do I change the key bindings and lighting?

Please go to the downloads page and install the drivers for your keypad.

Do you offer replacement PCBs for the Sim Pad?

Yes we do offer replacement PCB for the Sim Pad. You can purchase them here.

You can also check out the Sim Pad PCB replacement guide

What is full speed mode or input debounce?

Input debounce is a delay in the switch to mitigate contact bounce. We do not recommend adjusting the input debounce since it can cause multiple inputs to be detected. Most people will not notice any difference in the timing when adjusting the value.

Input debounce can also be used to offset any delays caused by USB hubs, USB extension cables, and other USB related interferences.

Full Speed Mode disables the LED lights to get the least amount of input delay as possible.

We do not recommend adjusting these two settings as playing rhythm games with these settings will make it more difficult to transition back to keyboard playing.

Does Momokai offer sponsorships for content creators?

We often sponsor osu! gamers from Twitch and YouTube to promote our product. If you are interested in working with us, check out the Product Sponsorship Page. If there's a chance to work together, we'll definitely reach out!

Does Momokai sell replacement adhesives for the Sim Pad 2 and Sim Pad Nano?

Yes! We do sell replacement adhesives separately in packs of 6. You can purchase them here.

If your adhesive is not sticky anymore, you can simply clean the sticky pads with some water and it will bring back the sticky property!

When will Momokai restock?

Due to high demand, sometimes our products go out-of-stock. In that case, we will work on restocking as soon as possible. We restock every week so we recommend checking every week. You can also sign up for our newsletter to get restocking updates.

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