the all new


6 key macropad

all aluminum case and knob

Tap Trio

3 key programmable QMK macropad

Tap Duo

The next generation Sim Pad. With all new capabilities.

Sim Pad Series

Sim Pad 2

Our first 2-key programmable hot-swappable mechanical keypad.

Sim Pad Nano

Keychain sized mechanical 2-key hot-swappable keypad.

Bulb Vase Artisan Keycap Holder

Our all new 4 slot artisan keycap holder with a small coaster

Switches Pack

Get the entire set Cherry/Gateron/Kailh switches for your new keypad.

PBT Colored Keycaps

MA Keycaps

Taller and rounder. MA profile keycaps are contoured for a great feel. Available in 9 colors.

XDA Keycaps

XDA keycaps are comfortable to press and pleasing to look at due to their rounded shape. Available in 12 colors.

OEM Keycaps

The most popular profile of keycaps in R4 variant. Available in 12 colors.

Demon Slayer Keycap Set

Custom Handmade Demon Slayer Keycap Set. Limited quantity available!